This is a minor surgical procedure where tooth that is beyond the hope is removed. It is advisable to remove tooth as a last resort only.



When is tooth removal advised?

  • Third molar tooth when impacted
  • When root canal cannot be done to save the tooth
  • When the infection at the tip of root is severe.
  • When there is severe bone loss surrounding the tooth
  • For orthodontic treatment
  • When teeth is damaged due to trauma
  • When there is retained roots
  • When milk tooth is retained

What is done during tooth removal?

Once clinical diagnosis is done and tooth removal has been decided as the treatment procedure, x-ray should be taken in order to confirm the status of root. A local anesthetic injection is given in regard to the tooth in order to numb the pain during procedure. A waiting period is given for  the local anesthetic agent to act. Once the area surrounding the tooth is numb to the pain, tooth removal is done. In some cases suture might be placed.

Is the procedure painful?

A local anesthetic will be given to numb the pain before procedure. Once the procedure is over pain is expected for 2 days for which pain medications will be prescribed.

Why is suturing done in some cases?

In some cases where last tooth is removed or more than one tooth is removed or severe bleeding is noted, suture can be placed to fasten the healing process. If suture is placed the patient is asked to visit the dentist after one week for suture removal

Dos and don’ts:

  • Take painkillers as prescribed
  • Leave the gauze in place and bite tightly for one hour
  • Take cold food after an hour
  • Apply an ice bag to the affected area following the procedure for about 10 minutes.
  • Avoid rinsing, spiting, or use of straw for 1 day
  • Restrict mouth activities for only one day and go back to normal after a day
  • Do not put pressure on that side during sleep
  • After a days’ time can do salt warm water gargle
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption

What is impaction surgery?





Impaction surgery is done when a tooth is not fully erupted or completely inside the bone. X-ray is a must to gauge the position of tooth to plan the surgery. During tooth impaction surgery since the tooth is inside the bone, bone has to be drilled in order to release the lock and facilitate easy removal of tooth. In some cases the tooth might be split to ease the removal.

What to expect after impaction surgery?

After impaction surgery pain, swelling in the region, difficulty in swallowing is expected. Depending upon one’s health it is expected to take about 3 days to weeks’ time to heal properly.

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