This is a branch of dentistry that deals with children right from their birth to adolescence.

Is regular dental checkup needed for children?

Yes, this will enhance the practice of oral hygiene in children right from childhood and incur good dental habits in them. Regular visits also help us in early detection and correction of cavities, orthodontic problems.

When can we take children for first dental visit?

It is advisable to bring the child for regular dental check up from 6 months.

Why are baby/milk teeth important?

Even though milk teeth is lost, it is important to care for them as it is essential for day to day activities development such as speech, eating. Children with healthy teeth tend to be more confident in speech and smile.

Can baby/ milk tooth be restored?

Yes, milk tooth can be restored as permanent tooth using filling material. Pulp therapy can be done ,for tooth when filling is not advised, to save the tooth. Tooth removal should be the last resort because milk tooth is essential for the correct path of eruption of permanent tooth.

What should be done if child is uncooperative?

Bringing the child few times before the treatment to familiarize with dental set up and interaction with the dentist will calm down your child. This is why regular dental checkup at the earliest is recommended.

In case the child has several dental treatments that require many visits and the child is uncooperative, treatment can be done under general anesthesia.

How to prevent tooth decay?

The causes of tooth decay are dental plaque and too much sugar intake. This can be checked by intake of proper balanced diet and brushing twice a day. This should be followed by regular dental checkup.

Why it is not advised to let toddler sleep with feeding bottle inside the mouth?

Sleeping with feeding bottle inside the mouth causes sugary liquids to pool around the tooth which further cause’s caries.


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