This is the perfect solution for missing teeth with no damage to present tooth. Conventional methods such as bridge require the reduction of neighboring tooth for support.  Whereas in implants a small screw made up of bio compatible metal called titanium is inserted into the jaw which supports the crown.



  • Comfortable to use
  • Esthetic and natural like original
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Improve speech, eating
  • Attached to bone
  • No damage to neighboring tooth

What is done in the implant procedure?

This is a minor surgical procedure. After clinical examination, X-rays are taken to study the jaw bone and treatment plan is decided. Local anesthetic agent is given to numb the pain during surgery.

  1. In the planned site hole is drilled.
  2. Followed by insertion of the implant.
  3. Once the implant is placed, a cover/healing screw is screwed to the implant. Suture is placed which helps in faster healing. A check x-ray is taken to confirm the position of the implant.
  4. After three months of healing, the impression is taken. Then crown is manufactured which is screwed onto the implant through second component.
  5. The implant is now ready for patients comfortable day to day activities.

Additional procedure done during surgery:

A bone graft is placed to enhance the strength of the existing jawbone for greater density, when there is less availably of bone. This induces bone growth surrounding the implant thus stabilizing the implant further increasing the success rate. The bone graft used is biocompatible. A newer technology called Platelet-rich fibrin where patients’ own blood is taken and platelet concentration is prepared and packed which induces soft tissue growth is also done.

Is it painful?

Before the surgical procedure, local anesthetic will be given. Once the procedure is over pain is expected for 3 days for which pain medications will be prescribed.

How long will this procedure last?

This procedure takes maximum of 30 to 45 minutes.

Who is ideal for implant procedure?

Patients with healthy gums and adequate bones are good candidate for implant procedure. It is advised to maintain a good oral health as this is a key factor in success and life of the procedure.

Can diabetic patient undergo this procedure?

If the diabetic level is maintained there is no issue in placement of implant. If diabetic level is uncontrolled it is advised to proceed with the procedure once the level is controlled.

Why is healing period before crown is necessary?

Once the implant is placed the bone surrounding the tooth takes time to heal and secure the implant in that position. Hence healing period of 90 days is necessary.

With new technology immediate placement of crown in a weeks’ time can be done, but this is decided by the dentist depending upon each case.

Is the procedure successful?

This is a highly successful procedure that guarantees the comfortable and effective replacement of missing tooth bringing back the smiles of millions of patients all over the world.

DOS and don’ts:

  • Mild swelling, pain seen in first 3 days will subside after taking medication prescribed by dentist.
  • Do not eat hot and spicy food for next 3 days
  • Keep your cheeks cool for 1 day
  • No nose blowing
  • No sports/ heavy weight lifting
  • No smoking/ alcohol
  • No hot coffee/ tea
  • No massaging of cheeks
  • No puffing of mouth
  • If there is loosening of cover screw, report to the dentist
  • Contact the dentist on severe pain, persistent bleeding, recurrent swelling.
  • After a week, report for suture removal
  • Normal brushing can be done after implant procedure.

How long will the implant last for?

The longevity depends upon the maintenance of oral hygiene, quality of implant, quality of bone, and type of tooth placed on top.

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