Taking care of gums is as important as taking care of teeth. The first step in gum care is maintenance of oral hygiene as mentioned here Following this 6 months dental visit is required for professional cleaning.


When the gum diseases progresses below the gum line, it can countered by gum surgery.

Is it painful?

Before the procedure local anesthetic is given to numb the pain. Post procedure pain is reduced by the medicament prescribed the dentist.

What is done in gum surgery?

In gum surgery, the gums are raised and folded back allowing us access to the underlying infection. The infected tissues are cleaned along with the cleaning and smoothening of root surface. Following this medicament is placed and flap is closed using suture.

Is gum surgery helpful?

Yes, this prevents the gum diseases to progress causing removal of tooth.

How do we know gum disease has progressed below gum line?

The signs to check for are inflammation, redness, swelling of gums.


Here digital laser is used by passing the laser light below the gum line to remove the diseased gum tissue. The main advantage is that it is minimally invasive hence there is less pain post-surgery. It is more precise. Suture is not needed as fold back of gum is not done; hence recovery is fast and short.

Laser is also used to remove gum overgrowth. This is also precise, minimally invasive procedure hence less pain with faster recovery.

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