Today, 20 March is observed as WORLD ORAL HEALTH DAY. This year the theme is quite simple but strong- “BE PROUD OF YOUR MOUTH”.

This is so that we can value and focus to take care of our oral health as much as we do with our body.

Oral diseases cause pain, discomfort, loss of self-confidence and is also linked with our general health. In this blog we will learn how to take care of our oral health.

Nutrition is an essential and continuing component of maintaining optimal health throughout life. The food we choose to eat and how often we eat plays an important role in oral health. Consumption of sweet and sticky food or drinks, non-nutritional snacks is a major risk to tooth caries. Tooth decay is totally preventable but millions of varying age groups (children to old age) suffer from it.

For good oral health follow the below daily:

  • Maintain oral hygiene- by means of brushing, mouth washing, flossing, tongue cleaning twice daily
  • Drink plenty of water- to wash away food stuck in our mouth. Any food (not necessary sweet/ sticky) when stuck on teeth cause tooth decay.
  • Eat veggies and protein- eating fresh, crunchy veggies full of fiber along with protein is the best
  • Calcium rich food- milk, cheese, yogurt promote bone and teeth
  • Vitamin C- citrus fruits, tomato, spinach, peppers promote gum health
  • Phosphorus rich food- eggs, fish, nuts are good for strong teeth
  • Limit snacks- foods eaten part of meal do not cause any harm as saliva is produced more during meals which wash out the sticky food
  • Regular visit to dentist- this is in order to take care of any troubles arising at early stage
  • Avoid putting baby to sleep with feeding bottles - this is a major cause of tooth decay in children


Starting today LETS BE PROUD OF OUR MOUTH #WorldOralHealthDay #MouthProud #WOHD21 #OralHealth


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