This blog is based on story of our Baby Patient whose visit us at his 15th day

Yes, this is a little too early for a dental visit. Recommended age for first dental visit is at 6 months as this the time when first tooth erupts. But babies have tooth since their day one to having their teeth erupting within one month which is totally out of the box. This requires dental visit early in their life. This is something which parents don’t expect and are shocked and worried about. This blog is to relieve their fears.

Natal teeth are teeth which is present at birth. The teeth have weaker root and are not fully developed.  These are mostly present in lower gums and can be single or multiple. These teeth may be stable or tend to be loose.

Neonatal teeth are teeth that appear within first month after birth.


  • Because these teeth are loose, they can cause injuries to the baby’s tongue.
  • Natal teeth may get in the way of feeding. Both the baby and mother may experience discomfort during feeding.
  • If teeth gets detached from the jaw, there is possibility of baby swallowing it which is life threatening.


  • If the tooth is stable, no treatment is needed.
  • If the tooth is loose, the tooth will be removed to avoid discomfort.
  • At times, the edge of the tooth will be smoothened to avoid hurting of baby’s tongue

Treatment is done as recommended by the dentist.


  • Parents should monitor the baby’s mouth to make sure the teeth do not cause any injury. If any discomfort or injury consult the dentist immediately.
  • The baby should be positioned in such a manner that the teeth does not cause any discomfort during feeding to both the mother and baby.

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